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Hello lovely,

So excited that you want to find out more about the Thrive and Shine in Business Programs!

Our programs are designed to give structure and accountability for heart-centered business owners who are ready to take their business (or ideas) to the next playing field.

By combining my expertise in Facebook and Social Media with business and coaching, I help entrepreneurs have the right strategy to grow their businesses. 
When starting up or scaling in business, it’s important not only to have the right method and appropriate tools but also the right mindset for success, which is why at Thrive and Shine Coaching you are given more than simply just an online program. 
Like anything that means a lot to us, success in business requires commitment, hard work, and persistence. However, we must also have passion for what we do, and with passion comes determination.

As I have been through the entrepreneurial rollercoaster as the founder of Matcha Sisters and Thrive and Shine Coaching, I understand that this journey is something that shouldn’t be done alone. I have been able to scale my business to six figures in under two years and now I am here to show you how you can do the same!

Thrive and Shine Academy

Create a long term Marketing System and Plan for your business

Learn how to build an online presence and following

Develop a sustainable business marketing model
Learn how to generate leads

Split test, retarget and remarket your leads

Online group support and mentoring

One-to-one coaching

6 months

Business Mastermind

Creating a profitable niche

How to generate ongoing sales

Working with websites and integrating landing pages

Go from idea and unseen to thriving and shining in business

Building a tribe

Creating newsletter automations

Marketing your business

Fortnightly Webinars

Online group support and mentoring

One-to-one coaching

3 months

Business Kickstarter

Setting up for Business Success

Developing a brand for your business

Avatar analysis

Follow your passion

Creating a profitable niche

Online group support and mentoring

One-to-one coaching

Delivered Online

As you will be taking on the immense task of Online Marketing throughout the Business Mastermind program, our first coaching session will be one for you to map out your business growth ideas and Facebook marketing strategy as well as setting goals and putting any ideas that come to mind into a system to create for you a strategic business and marketing plan.

Business is a “marathon” and with the right expectations and a clear understanding of what’s to come, it’s much easier to prepare for some epic results.

What to expect:

• Mapping out your business plan together – Vision and Mission Statement

• Knowing your numbers

• Setting a One Year Goal

• Clarity on Targets and Goals for the business

• Discovering your niche and unique value proposition

Every outstanding business has a standout brand. In this module, we’ll create your business action plan and clearly identify the unique value proposition of your brand. This is when we will identify your ideal client (i.e. your avatar) and work out your point of difference, brand story, pricing and niche.

By the end of this module, you will be ready to launch your profitable idea with the certainty that comes from having a solid point of difference, in other words a niche! We will also be working on an analysis to help you gain a deeper understanding of what the needs and wants are of your ideal customer/clients so that you can market effectively (to the market that actually responds!).

This will be the foundation for your copy writing and will help you in the later modules when creating epic Facebook Ads and Landing Pages.

What to expect:

• How to work out a gap in the market and create your point of difference
• Creating your brand story
• Avatar Analysis
• Discover your avatar (ideal client)
• Discover your unique value proposition

In order to scale online it’s important that you have an online platform. Whether it is an online program or a product that you want to sell via a website, it’s important to know the right platforms to use. We will also look at ways to set you apart from your competitors and do a competitor’s analysis so that you have a unique and profitable business that will attract customers and clients who come across your brand!

In this module, we will also be looking at ideas to create your freebie (or lead magnet) for opt-ins on your Landing Page.

• Online Platforms to use if creating an online program

• Competitor’s Analysis

• How to scale and sell online

• Creating your lead magnet

A lot of business owners fall into the trap of spending tonnes of time and money on their websites. While it’s important to have one (you can create one easily through Wix, Weebly, and WordPress etc. these days) it’s actually your landing page that’s most important for marketing and scaling your business! These days, simply having a fancy website just doesn’t cut it. In order to build trust, grow your e-mail list and elegantly turn cold leads into customers you need to have a strong landing page. In this module, you will learn all the steps that it takes to generate opt-ins through your marketing funnel. No matter what your skill level, by the end of this module you’ll learn what it takes to grow your business online.

What’s covered:

• How to create a high converting landing page

• Building a list, automated newsletters, and e-mails

• How to nourish your leads with your freebie idea for Opt-ins on your Landing Page

• Hook funnels and other marketing funnels

If you’ve ever thought “I want to deliver amazing marketing” this is it! Effective Marketing is going to bring in more customers and clients to your business and raise your brand awareness.

Facebook marketing is an incredible platform like none other, with over $12 million active monthly users in Australia along, this module will allow you to scale through online marketing to starting bringing in cash flow to your business. We will cover the different social media platforms and marketing campaigns which you can use to build brand awareness, organic traffic and high return on investment.

What’s covered:

• How to create Facebook Conversion and/or traffic campaigns
• Split testing and remarketing and retargeting of Facebook ads
• Facebook Live topics
• How to create an online social media following
• Building your online presence
• How to boost posts effectively

In this final module, we will be creating your sales funnel in order for you to turn your leads into paying customers/clients! This step is crucial in order for your marketing to generate sales and a return. More often than not, businesses that are doing well Facebook Ads also have a sales funnel to follow.

Once your leads start flooding in we are going to keep them nurtured through a strong e-mail marketing strategy.

• How to write authentic and engaging copy
• Copy Writing Feedback
• Nurture sequence for your e-mail automations
• Platforms for automated e-mail marketing
• Frequency and structure of e-mail marketing

The 6 modules above are designed to set you up in the right direction to thrive and shine in business.

Accountability, coaching and mentoring accompanied by a clear strategy and understanding of Facebook Marketing will not only give you a system that you can use again and again but will benefit you for years to come. You’ll have a system set up and learn current and innovative ways to build your business online.

Not only that, you will learn about the Facebook platform, different ways to market yourself and keep up to date with the ever-changing algorithm so that you continue to grow well and truly after you’ve finished the Thrive and Shine Business Mastermind program.

This is for you if…

  • You are a fierce entrepreneur ready to magnetise and attract the right clients towards your business.
  • You’re ready to scale online and create a profitable business.
  • You’re ready to scale your HEART-CENTRED, PURPOSEFUL BUSINESS.
  • You want to have structure and you’re ready to follow a plan towards creating a 6 figure business
  • You’re ready for accountability and a kick up the back every now and then to make sure that you stay on track with your dreams, desires and your goals!